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4 Types of Event Technology Perfect for Pop Ups

Over the past few years, empty spaces have become unusual. Abandoned warehouses, unused carparks and even the inside of the Tube have become the latest event spaces for some of the biggest corporates in the world.

Pop-up events have been ‘popping up’ all over London and beyond, with the brands who design them, utilising some of the most innovative event technology to bring them to life. Our audio visual solutions have been utilised at pop ups throughout retail, automotive events and even for our own event technology pop up. Here, we reveal some of the types of event technology that are perfect for pop ups:

Augmented reality

The space of a pop-up is already fairly immersive but when you use augmented reality this creates a second layer. Augmented reality provides a bespoke view of a physical environment, which the visitor can experience through computer-generated sensory input, creating a visual, sound or touch experience. When paired with a large-scale display screen or high-resolution LED wall, as shown above, this creates a sense of theatre that will draw in not just those with the headset on.

Projection mapping

IPG 2-2

Projection Mapping uses video projection and choreographed displays, to transform a pop up space, building or object into a fluid canvas that helps to tell a brand story through 3D and 4D content. The reason Project Mapping is more suited to pop-up events than open events and exhibitions, is because it performs best when in a darkened environment, to allow all eyes to be drawn to the display. It also screams ‘share me’ and the traction that our project mapping displays have gained in the past over social media, helps to carry the pop up event far outside of the venue walls.

View in in action here at our recent technology pop-up.


Custom-branded touch tablets

IPG 2-3

At every event, it’s crucial to provide a return on the investment and at a pop-up, where visitors are often more fluid than say, at a conference, the technology that you use to log attendance needs to be fluid too. Custom-branded touch tablets are one solution that provides an informal platform to log details, select visitor preferences and have a fully personalised conversation live while during the experience – that can be followed up on and tracked post-event. Enquire now


Transparent showcase screens

IPG 2-4

With retail as one of the pioneering industries to embrace the pop-up event revolution, transparent showcase screens merge the physical and digital to create a captivating experience. With its slick outer case, this solution holds a physical product and wraps it in a digital experience, where videos, presentations, showreels and ads can be overlaid onto the screen in an interactive display. Enquire now

For more information or to discuss your pop-up event requirements, speak to our technology specialists at – we’d love to help

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