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A guide to the top event industry hashtags

The events industry is migrating towards Twitter as a key social media channel and this means that there is now a ton of exciting conversations to have, twitter chats to join in and event professionals to follow.

Here are some of the top event industry hashtags which will help you to ensure that you’re always a part of the conversation:



This is the most popular event hashtag within the events and meetings industry and is used in both the UK and the US, in order to denote any information that is relevant to event industry professionals. Similarly, #meetingprofs and #meetingplanners are used more frequently in the US when providing similar content.



A UK version of the aforementioned #eventprofs.



Primarily used within the US, ‘BizBash’ is a source of useful information, tips and advice related to the events industry. This is the legacy of the event website which is a hub of event industry news and content, based in Florida.



As the name suggests, this is all about event technology and is where you can find out about new event apps, technologies, software and tools that can enhance your event. One we use often, for obvious reasons!



A hashtag used by audio visual and event technology experts in order to show off a project that is particularly interesting, or that uses high-end AV to make an impact.



This is something you may see flying around and relates to a Twitter chat that was originally held Wednesday 9pm-10pm GMT between planners, venues, suppliers and any other event industry professionals. Unfortunately, the hashtag is now used more for self-promotion than engaging discussion or as an hour twitter chat, but it is often still worth a mention.



This is a new Twitter hour ran by EWL club in London that is held on the second Tuesday of every month at 12.30pm. Each twitter chat has a theme, the first of which was ‘Event Technology’, bringing together event professionals, suppliers, app developers and software services, to discuss issues and topics surrounding the world of events.



Experiential has become a buzzword within the events industry and this hashtag is often used to describe a campaign or event that used something outside the norm to grab attention. The difference between this and brand activation is that the event or activity does not have to be directly related to the aims of the company – in terms of events this could be a pop-up, flash mob, unique activity or an on-stand experience that is there to draw in crowds.



The acronym for either ‘Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events’ or ‘Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events’, usually dependant on which side of the water you reside on!



Brand activation is a marketing technique often used by event agencies as a way of encouraging a consumer to ‘trust’ the brand they are engaged with. Much like experiential marketing, this will often relate to a live activity or task and this is where the brand activation hashtag is often used – when discussing such a campaign or activity where a brand has engaged with consumers in a meaningful way.



A useful hashtag for promoting a job you may be advertising, or to connect with those looking for a job within the events industry. This is widely used by recruitment agencies and also companies advertising for in-house roles.


What hashtags do you find useful for sharing and finding information within the events industry? Make sure you tweet us and let us know!

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