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How to use technology to enhance the user experience at your event

A large part of what makes an event a success is more than just metrics, numbers and length of attendance. While these are all good at justifying spend and sponsor ‘ROI’ they tell us little on how an attendee actually felt about an event. Humans are both rational and emotional creatures. For an event to be a success, the attendee must appreciate why they are going (rational) but also how much they enjoyed going (emotional) and that’s where creating a great user experience comes in. Technology is often the gateway to this, as one of the easiest and most effective ways to let an event attendee engage with your brand and come away feeling as though they’ve had a worthwhile experience. Here are some of the ways you can utilise cutting-edge event technology, to enhance the user experience at your next event.


It’s well known in marketing that emotional campaigns have the most success and an element of ‘surprise’ is a key part of this. While usually, this is reserved for sending treats to customers in the post, or kittens to their office, this can also be a very effective way of creating a great user experience at an event. When you utilise custom-built technology such as seamless screens or LED panels, you are given the freedom to create a design of your own choosing. This means you can think outside the box about the type of experience you want to create. A cube of seamless videowall screens, allows the user to step into a space that is all your own, momentarily transporting them from the hustle of the exhibition into an area that is solely owned by your brand. Similarly, a large LED wall that can be 5 or 6 feet high, is a great way to draw in attention and broadcast a video, image or presentation that will delight the user while passing by.


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Event content can be hard to produce and often leads to the same presentation being broadcast on repeat, regardless of the visitor or their needs. With a little extra technology you can change this, so that whoever steps onto your stand is given a fully personalised user experience, where they are only shown the case studies, images or videos that are relevant to their use case. By using custom software loaded on an iPad or tablet, your sales team can send content of their choosing onto a screen with just the flick of a finger, allowing them to do an ‘off the cuff’ presentation that’s 100% personalised and therefore, much more meaningful. This also looks pretty impressive to other passers-by who will see the content changing and want their own personalised experience.

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It’s one of our many office in-jokes, that even when you put up a screen that’s not interactive, many event visitors will walk up and attempt to touch it anyway. What this really shows is a need from the visitor perspective, to be in control and involved in the event experience. With simple, off-the-shelve software you can transform a static show reel into a series of images, videos and case studies that your event attendee can flick through or even email to themselves to read at a later date. Multitouch tables and kiosks bring in an element of fun or gamification to your event area, where attendees can play games, answer quizzes or even play around with a live tweet wall, to pull out the messages they are interested in reading. This interactivity will keep them engaged with your stand for up to 5 times longer than a static screen online and will draw in other eyeballs from those passing by, who will also want to join in the fun!

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One of the keys to providing a strong, lasting effect on your event visitors is to create an authentic experience from start to finish. One of the ways you can achieve this is by thinking about the branding throughout every element of your stand. Perhaps you want to custom-brand your digital signage solution, or give your sales team tablets to collect data from attendees which are fully branded, such as those shown below. Similarly, you might want to surround your stand with LED washlighting, an impressive solution that will allow you to bathe your attendees in the glow of your company colours. All of these individual touchpoints will improve the overall user experience and help visitors to feel more of an affinity with your brand.


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If you would like a call or a Lunch and Learn on the best ways to utilise technology to enhance your next event then get in touch with our team at – we’d love to help.

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