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Three Event Technology Trends that Cater for Millennials

Millennials, or generation Y as they’re sometimes called, are often labelled the most educated, connected and evolving generation of our time. Many brands and companies are beginning to place the thoughts of Millennials at the forefront of their marketing strategy – a key result of their purchasing power and potential to become leaders of some of the biggest companies in the world. But how to engage them within the events arena? With one in four adults now part of this generation, our event audiences are changing and event organisers and brands will need to work out what they want, in order to continue engaging them in meetings and events.

Here are some of the ways you can adapt your event technology strategy in order to attract Millennials and grow interest in your business within a live event environment.

Interactive Technology

A 2015 study by Deloitte found that Millennials overwhelmingly believe (75 percent) that businesses are focused on their own agendas rather than helping to improve society. This poses a problem in an event environment especially, where brands have a limited amount of time and opportunities to communicate the right message. One of the ways to break down this barrier is to employ interactive technology that places the experience of the millennial, firmly in their hands. Approaching a millennial with a well-oiled sales pitch might evoke a negative response. Millennials crave authenticity, therefore a compelling story or emotional message, delivered on a interactive product – a format the ‘touch generation’ are already acquainted with – will deliver the right message and allow them to feel engaged without being coerced.


A Millennial study by Bauer also found that 71% claimed they would “rather tell people about something they’ve done than something they’ve got”. Brands should begin to invest in ‘experience’ – something interactive technology is able to deliver very easily, rather than gimmicky throwaways and meaningless ad campaigns.


Deloitte found that 40% of 16-24s watch more than 30 minutes of short form video over multiple sessions every day. It’s their format of choice and one that is easy to deliver within an event environment. What brands can begin to think about now, is the medium their video message is delivered on. A seamless videowall screen with headphone viewing, is an engaging way to bring in Millennials and capture their attention for a longer period of time. Q&A sessions have also proved popular with this age group, therefore an interactive presentation on a high-end LED wall, with voting systems or social media-led questioning could help them to really engage with what the brand has to say.

Social Media integration

Above all else, the Millennial generation is social. If social recommendations are the number one source why Millennials engage with brands and make purchasing decisions, then content is the key to this. A strong event Twitter campaign, imagery and integration with video streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, will all help to extend your message beyond the event walls. If a Millennial decides to look you up after the event; you want them to be able to find you.


Technology can also help to accentuate your social messaging during the live environment; the Social Hubb software that we offer is an interactive, live feed of flowing social media interactions that can pull in YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more into one streamlined screen.

Personalised on-stand experiences can also be incorporated using our Multitaction, interactive table software which allows a personalised experience for thousands of event visitors, using just their name or Twitter handle. First impressions are everything and social media is often the canvas to engage Millennials in the first instance and make them want to find out more.


For help utilising event technology to capture the attention of a Millennial audience speak to our team. Our technical specialists are happy to provide demos, lunch and learns and examples of systems that will help you to create a better event experience.

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